London, baby! The city that brings people together.

This is my first article in English so I hope it will be a good one. I recently went to London for a birthday party at one of my best friends, Lucy. I was there for the weekend. In this article, I will write about what happened in London.

On Friday at 5 PM I left the office in order to catch the plane to London Gatwick from Bucharest. My flight was a 7:40 PM. For me, this flight schedule is perfect because I can go after work without having to take a day off.

I took the bus and went straight to the Airport. The duration of the journey took approximately 3 hours. I was with another friend who wanted to see London for the first time. For me, it was my 8th time.

Tower Bridge

From Gatwick, we took a bus and went to our friend Lucy. She was waiting for us. We arrived after midnight. There Lucy was with other 2 friends. We left our belongings and went to an underground club in Peckham, somewhere in south London. The club was small, but with good music (they played live hip-hop music). There I met other people. We stayed only for 20-30 mins and returned back home because the club was closing. The taxi driver who took us home was a big sports fan, so I had quite a discussion with him about football, tennis (Simona Halep was to play the Australian Open final of 2018 – pretty cool actually)

At home, we went on the roof. It was fun siting there, having a relaxing conversation about random things.

The next day, we went to buy some eggs, bread and other stuff from an outside-market. We cooked some kind of English breakfast. After this, we went out to meet some of my Romanian friends from London. Me, Cosmin, the guy who came for the first time in London and Lucy went on foot from near Vauxhall to Westminster. It was a rainy day, typical for the UK. Still, we had fun.

We walked then to Saint Paul’s Cathedral where we met with other two Romanians living in the UK. Lucy had to get home in order to prepare for the party.

Saint Paul’s Cathedral

From Saint Paul, we went to Tower Bridge where we met with other three friends, also from Romania. We walked on Tower Bridge, took some pictures. After that, we sat at a cafe called Le Pond de la Tour. From here you can see the Thames River. I can say we had a coffee with a view.

Coffee with a view

Party time was at 9 PM. From the cafe, we went to Waterloo station to meet other two friends who were coming to the party.

We arrived at 9 and 1 minute PM at the party. Slowly, people started to come. There were around 50 people from 20 nations: India, Austria, Romania, Brazil, France, Italy, Greece, Iran, Peru, Romania, Bulgaria, etc. People danced, talked and enjoyed themselves. I haven’t been to such a big part since faculty. I like big parties. We listened to all kinds of music.

Party people

At some point, we danced traditional Romaniam music. I taught a Brazilian girl and an Indian Brasoveanca. We also danced the Penguin dance. It was fun.

Besides the traditional music, we played rock, electronic, Greek and Bulgarian music. The party ended around 5 AM. It was a success. Lucy was very happy with her birthday party. I remember someone told me I was the party king. I felt good about that.

The next day, we had to go back to Bucharest. We went for a coffee and then flew from Luton Airport back home. It was a great weekend. Hope I will repeat this experience soon.

Till next time, don’t forget: „Travelling is probably the most beautiful story!”

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