Bucharest. The capital city of Romania is becoming one of the top destinations in 2018.

Bucharest, the capital-city of Romania is becoming one of the top touristic destinations of Europe. Last year, the traffic of „Henri Coanda”-Otopeni, airport which serves the biggest city of Romania, increased by 16.6% up to 13.1 million passengers. This is a higher percentage than Budapest airport that had 14.5%.

„Henri Coanda” International Airport

So, more and more people come to visit the capital of Romania and its surroundings (up to 200-250 km distance, cities like Brasov, Constanta, Carpathian Mountains, Bran Castle, Black Sea, etc. Some go to areas that are located more than 250 km away from Bucharest, like Sighisoara, Sibiu or Danube Delta).

Bucharest is located in the south-eastern part of Romania on Dambovita River. It has a population of almost 2 million inhabitants.

What is hot?

When in Bucharest, you should definitely check out the old town for its nightlife, clubs, pubs and nice restaurants. Here you can also visit the Old Court build by Vlad the Impaler (former ruler of Wallachia – southern part of today’s Romania) in 1459. It is believed that Vlad impaled the thieves and criminals back in 15th century. Here you can find one of the oldest churches from Romania, Anton Church. While here, you should also visit Stavropoleos Church, an orthodox church built in 1724 in a traditional brancovenesc architecture (Romanian architecture) or the National History Museum of Romania. Opposite to the History Museum you can find CEC Palace, a building that has an eclectic style (on top of it you can find a dome built of steel and glass), located on Victory Street (this road is the „Champs-Elysee” of Bucharest – here you can find a lot of interesting tourist attractions). If you are hungry, go to Caru’ cu Bere (Beer Cart), also located in the old town. You can serve traditional Romanian dishes and watch shows (Romanian dances) or listen to local music.

Lipscani old town

After you finish with the old town, you should concentrate your attention on the House of Parliament, the second biggest administrative building in the world. It is also the heaviest structure worldwide. It has 1100 rooms and it was finished in 1997. Here you can find details about visiting hours and prices.

House of Parliament

One of the nicest parks in Bucharest is King Michael the First of Romania Park, also known as Herastrau Park. It has a big artificial lake in the center of it. Here you can find a Japanese Garden, the National Village Museum (Muzeul Satului) with traditional Romanian houses and churches, Roses Island (Insula Trandafirilor) surrounded by Herastrau lake. In summer, you can ride a boat on the lake. Another beautiful park is Tineretului Park located in the southern part of Bucharest. Here you can find Oraselul Copiilor (Children’s City).

Herastrau Park

Vacaresti Natural Park is a wonder of nature. It has 190 ha and it is called the Delta behind the blocks. Here you can find small lakes, vegetation and dozens of bird species.

Vacaresti National Park

Cismigiu Garden and Carol Park are one of the oldest parks from Bucharest, located not far from the central area.

Cismigiu Garden

Calea Victoriei or Victory Street, known before as Podul Mogosoaiei, is a street located in the center of the city. It starts from Victory Square and ends at United Nations Square. Here you can ride a bike, have a walk, see one of the most interesting buildings of Bucharest like Ateneul Roman (an eclectic and neoclassical concert hall built in 1888), The Royal Palace, now Art Museum of Romania, Enescu Museum. Casa Capsa, Art Collection Museum or Central University Library.

Ateneul Roman

At Victory Square (here you can see the Government Building – Victoria Palace) you can find 3 interesting museums: The Antipa Museum (a natural sciences museum), The Romanian Peasant Museum and The Geology Museum.

Antipa Museum

Arch of Triumph, located in the north of Bucharest, symbolizes the victory of Romania in the First World War. It is also a symbol of Romanian reunion into one country.

Arch of Triumph

Regarding restaurants, you should try: Hanul Berarilor, Hanul lui Manuc, Excalibur, Beraria Hanul cu Tei, Beraria H, etc.

These are some of the objectives and areas you should check out in Bucharest. There are of course other areas that you might find interesting in Bucharest.


Besides visiting and culinary experience, you should go and party in one of the clubs or pubs located in the center or northern parts of the capital. Romanian women are very beautiful and people are very friendly.

Nightlife in Bucharest

To get from the airport to the city, you can take a taxi (Uber and Taxify included) or buses 780 (last stop – Gara de Nord train station) and 783 (last stop – Piata Unirii, right in the city center) situated in front of Arrivals terminal.

Airport bus 783

Now you have all the reasons to come to Bucharest. I hope you will visit soon! See you in Romania!

Don’t forget to watch my video about Bucharest below.


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